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Downend & Bromley Heath in Bloom - JOIN OUR NEW FRIENDS GROUP!!

Following on from the successful planting of spring bulbs at locations throughout the Parish by the local volunteer groups, we are now looking to form a Friends group to carry forward and expand the scheme to summer planting.

The Parish Council, in conjunction with South Gloucestershire Council, has made a start with improvements to the existing granite planters in the High Street.  Projects to upgrade the area outside the toilets and to replant the roundabout are on-going.

The local business community and the High Street banks have given the scheme support, with pledges of help. However, we need your support to expand the scheme so the planting can reach the whole area of our community.

The Parish Council can only do so much and in forming a Friends group this would enable the group to raise funds and make the scheme sustainable in future years.

If you are able to spare a few hours throughout the year we would be delighted to hear from you.

So, come on everybody let's get together and make the Parish bloom! Please contact Angela Hocking, email clerk@dbhparishcouncil.co.uk, or tel. 0117 9567001.

Annual Assembly 

You are invited to D&BH PC's Annual Assembly which will be held on Thursday 24 April 2014, 7pm, in Christ Church Parish Hall, North Street, Downend, Bristol. This is a public meeting and provides an opportunity to meet with your Parish Councillors and 'have your say'. The evening will include a presentation by Pete Wozniak PC 328, Crime Prevention Design Advisor, Police Community Safety Department.

Localism in South Gloucestershire 

South Gloucestershire Council's Localism scheme aims to give communities a greater say in the highway and street scene services they receive, while also helping ensure the most effective use of resources at a time of reductions in local authority funding.

As part of their Localism plans and the need to make savings  South Gloucestershire Council is introducing a Core Service Standard from 1 April. Services that will be reduced by this are: grass cutting of verges, maintenance of roundabouts, maintenance of shrub beds, provision and maintenance of floral displays on highway land and provision of dog bins, including maintenance and emptying.

For the year 2014/15 Downend & Bromley Heath Parish Council have agreed to buy back from South Gloucestershire Council the level of service we have at present . This will be called enhanced service, that is over and above the core service provision. This will ensure that our highway grass verges, for example along Bromley Heath Road, Overndale Road and Badminton Road, continue to be cut regularly during the growing season rather than just having a spring and an autumn cut which will be the core service arrangement.

It also means that we keep our dog bins. In areas of South Gloucestershire where there is only core service these will be removed. The Parish Council will pay South Gloucestershire Council the cost of emptying the 32 dog bins around the Parish. There may be some rationalisation and removal of dog bins where they are under used or where there is a litter bin and a dog bin next to each other as litter bins can now be used for dog waste. Dog waste can also be taken home and put into the black bin. This would be the preferred option for all dog waste.

The provision of these services will cost the Parish Council about £10,000 each year, which is an average of just under £2 a year per household. This money will be raised via the Parish Council precept and from reserves. We will review this decision to buy back the enhanced service during the course of the coming year and it will be possible to make changes to the contract with SGC.

Further details of the localism scheme across South Gloucestershire can be found at www.southglos.gov.uk/streetscene.


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This website has been designed to provide what the Parish Council hope will be a valuable resource to find out more about what is happening within the Parish. As the site develops our aim is for it to become the local access point for information about the Parish Council and the services offered by the Local Authority.

We feel that it is a further resource for the community through improving communication, involving local people more in what is happening in Downend and Bromley Heath and engaging everyone in local issues by providing you with more information.

We also hope that the website is helping us to increase our communication links with the community. If you would like to advertise your event on the website, please contact the Parish Clerk via the ‘Contact Us’ button with details.

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