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Dog Fouling - South Gloucestershire Council Dog Wardens have received a large volume of complaints regarding dog mess that is not being cleared by responsible dog owners in the area of Queensholm Crescent, Quakers Road, Oakdale Road, Four Acre Road and surrounding areas. Fouling enforcement patrols are carried out by the Council. Please contact them with specific information regarding any times witnessed, description of dog and owners and address details if known, tel. 01454 863824. Your details will remain anonymous. If you know who is not clearing up after their dog, report it so we can help combat this problem. Any person witnessed not clearing up after their dog will be issued with a fixed penalty notice. If this is not complied with it will be referred to Court, which could include a fine of up to £1000 and a criminal record. HELP US TO HELP YOU.

Annual Assembly - This is a meeting that is open to the public to attend. It is an opportunity to meet local Councillors and residents, express your views, and celebrate all that goes on in the local community. It will be held at The Church Centre, Quakers Road, Bromley Heath BS16 6NH on Thursday 30th April 2015 at 7pm. Refreshments will be provided and there will be a presentation by the Bromley Heath Women's Institute Choir. We look forward to seeing you there!

Councillor Vacancies - As the deadline for receipt of nominations for the local elections on 7 May has now passed, it is apparent that D&BH PC will have two vacancies in Downend East Ward. As such, the Council will be filling these vacancies by co-option. If you live in the parish or within a 3 mile radius and would like to become involved with the Parish Council, please write a letter or send your CV to the Parish Clerk. To find out more, please call Angela Hocking on 0117 9567001, email clerk@dbhparishcouncil.co.uk or write to the Clerk at 75 Wadham Grove, Emersons Green, Bristol BS16 7DX.



Local Information and resources

This website has been designed to provide what the Parish Council hope will be a valuable resource to find out more about what is happening within the Parish. As the site develops our aim is for it to become the local access point for information about the Parish Council and the services offered by the Local Authority.

We feel that it is a further resource for the community through improving communication, involving local people more in what is happening in Downend and Bromley Heath and engaging everyone in local issues by providing you with more information.

We also hope that the website is helping us to increase our communication links with the community. If you would like to advertise your event on the website, please contact the Parish Clerk via the ‘Contact Us’ button with details.

Downend Village

"To seek to improve the quality of life and the local environment for all the residents of Downend & Bromley Heath.  To provide a voice for all the residents of the Parish through consultation and participation"


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Monitoring and moderation - The Parish Council monitors all activity on our Facebook social media channel. We want you to have your say and we do not censor comments, even if they are critical of the Parish Council. However, we reserve the right to block anyone from posting on our pages who makes abusive, disruptive or offensive comments. Any content that does not meet our simple guidelines, set out below, will be removed without reference to the poster.

The rules are simple - posts and comments on our Facebook page should:- Be civil, tasteful and relevant - Not be unlawful, harassing, libellous, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane or sexually or facially offensive - Not include content for which the poster does not own the copyright - Not repeat the same message, or very similar messages, more than once (often referred to as spamming) - Not publicise any personal information, either the poster's own or somebody else's - Not advertise products or services - Not promote political parties.


Have a look at the NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH STAY SAFE GUIDE - All the information you need to 'stay safe' in the community, or look at our local publications - the latest edition of the PARISH COUNCIL NEWSLETTER and DOWNEND VOICE.