Managing and Maintaining open spaces, events and transport

Downend & Bromley Heath Parish Council acts for the benefit of the local community.

The Parish Council is represented on many local organisations and management bodies, and closely liaises with South Gloucestershire Council on all parish matters, including planning applications.

We support local organisations and contribute to the care of public rights of way.  We give grants to local organisations, support local groups and ‘Friends’ groups, and detached youth work.  In conjunction with neighbouring parishes and South Gloucestershire Council, we support a night bus through the area.

We manage and maintain the local skateboard park at Bromley Heath, in addition to all the local bus shelters, some seating, litter bins and dog bins – further details can be found throughout this website.

In addition to the website, D&BH PC ensures that regular newsletter articles are circulated via Downend Voice to keep local residents informed.



South Gloucestershire Council

The Unitary Authority is responsible for ensuring that streets and public spaces in the area are clean and well managed, meeting the needs of the communities that use them.

Do you know of any problems in your area? Missing manhole cover? Potholes? Litter bins need emptying?  Why not report problems by e-mailing  Alternatively call 01454 868000.

There is a useful information leaflet available containing other points of contact at South Gloucestershire Council.


Consultations can come in many forms, like the Downend & Bromley Heath Community Plan which was published in 2012 following extensive consultation with residents. This was intended to provide a course of action for the future. Whilst a lot of the issues have now been successfully addressed, others will take more time. The Community Plan team handed over the Plan to the Parish Council in 2015. The issues identified remain very much alive and the Plan itself will continue to evolve and develop.

Other consultations continue ….. the Parish Council called a meeting for parishioners to let us know what they considered should be our priorities over the next four years. Residents were invited to a meeting where the main item for discussion turned out to be whether or not D&BH PC should take over the maintenance and management of three sports pitches in the parish, for which South Gloucestershire Council were to relinquish responsibility. If nobody took over the sites at Bromley Heath Playing Fields, Badminton Road and King George V, then the pitches would not be marked, goals would be removed and maintenance would be carried out at a reduced frequency. Pavilions would be closed and secured, and some demolished depending on their condition. The outcome of our public meeting showed overwhelming support that the Parish Council should take responsibility for these sports pitches and playing fields. A petition was received asking  that the parish council increases its precept in order to do this. The final result of this is that with effect from 1 April 2017, D&BH PC took over full responsibility of these areas.

D&BH PC will continue to undertake more general consultations in the future, in an attempt to match what we have with what is needed in the area.

Downend Men in Sheds

Are you a retired gentleman who would like to put your woodworking experiences to the test? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then why not join the Downend Men in Sheds group? The group meets regularly on Tuesday mornings, Man and his tools9.30am-12 noon at the Pavilion in Bromley Heath Playing Fields. Share your thoughts over a cup of coffee and let us work together on projects for the benefit of our local community.

The Green Dog Walkers Campaign

The Green Dog Walkers campaign was originally started by Falkirk Council in 2008 and has now been adopted by Downend & Bromley Heath Parish Council.

The campaign idea is to, in a friendly way, change attitudes about dog fouling. Dog walkers sign a pledge which signifies that they always:

  • Green Dog Walker Campaign 014Clean up their dog mess.
  • Wear an armband or use a lead sleeve when walking their dog to display that they support the campaign.
  • Carry spare doggie bags to give to those without.
  • Be a friendly reminder to other dog walkers to clean up after their dogs.

The campaign has been very successful in Falkirk and in many other areas across the UK.


GDW campaignOur group photo shows a group of dog owners at Bromley Heath Playing Fields showing their support of the GDW Campaign.

Play Areas

Downend & Bromley Heath Parish Council has been working on improving the play areas in the parish for several years now.  This need arose from the questionnaire sent out as part of the Community Plan consultation. Better play facilities, especially for older children, was one of the things that many local residents wanted and it was one of the objectives in the Community Plan published in 2011.

The first project that the Parish Council worked on, in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council, was to install exercise equipment, a zip wire, basket swing and table tennis table in King George V Park.  This was well received and is very well used by all ages.

They then turned their attention to the fenced play area in the park, for younger children.  Until the installation of the new play equipment for the older children, there had been no investment in existing play provision in this area since the early 1990’s.  Despite this decline in outdoor play investment for the younger (under 8’s) children, we are experiencing a rise in young families in the local area and this increases demand for good local play facilities as identified in the Community Plan.

The aim of the refurbishment is to:

  1. provide safe, easy to access and secure play opportunities for local familites and young children
  2. go some way to address the paucity of equipped play provision in this area of Downend and serves a large number of local families and visitors to the park and local area
  3. encourage community cohesion through provision of a facility that will bring together parents and children from throughout the community in play and social activity
  4. provide not only improved accessibility for those with disabilities in terms of all weather access paths, but also provide items of inclusive play throughout the scheme to ensure all ages and abilities are able to play together

The Parish Council identified £25,000 funding for this project and a further sum of money through South Gloucestershire Council.

There is now an enthusiastic Friends of King George V Park group.

The Parish Council also identified the play area at Leap Valley, off Aintree Drive, as being in need of refurbishment. It was installed when the houses were built and some of the equipment could not be repaired and had little play value. Through consultation with the Friends of Leap Valley, local parents, the local pre-school and nursery, it was decided to design the equipment for pre-school children. Older children can walk or cycle to the more extensive play area at Bromley Heath Playing Field.

The new equipment, towards which the Parish Council contributed £10,000 is now installed.  The photograph shows Graeme Riley, Chairman of the Parish Council at that time, cutting the ribbon.

Leap Valley play area opening 048There is a multi-play unit with a pirate boat theme so through imaginative play the children will be climbing, crawling, sliding, balancing and sailing through the Leap Valley!  There are swings and a seesaw. So why not go exploring in the Leap Valley? For those of you who have never been there you can enter from Badminton Road, Bury Hill View or Aintree Drive.